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Minilec (India) Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001 company with global presence in more than 30 countries. It was the first Indian company to launch Single Phasing Preventer & Micro-processor based Alarm Annunciators in India. The products are thoroughly type tested at reputed test houses such as CPRI, ERDA, ETDC and SISIR Singapore , as per IEC Standards.

Phase Failure Relay

These relay sense the Negative Sequence Voltage components of system supply & offers protection against Phase Failure, Phase Sequence Reversal with Under/Over Voltage conditions which are dangerous to motor winding and cause motor burnouts. Various models with different features are available like VSPD1, VSPD2, HLVD2, ALVD2, P1PFS1, etc. useful for 3 phase Motor/Pump, Mains Supply, Generator Voltage faults, AMF / Transfer Switch panels.

Motor / Pump Protection Relay

These relay sense the Negative Sequence Current components of system supply and offers protection against Phase Failure, Phase Unbalance & Phase Sequence Reversal with Overload protection (IDMTL curves) & Under load protection (dry run for pumps). They eliminate conventional bimetal (thermal) overload relay with superior protection level. Model MPRD2 is for motors and SPGD2/F3DRC1 is for pumps (with dry running Protection). These are to be used with current sensor CTS. Recommended for effective Motor Protections in Machine Tool, Compressors & pumps. MBMPR is microprocessor based motor protection relay offers voltage, current, temperature-based protection for incoming & outgoing ends. Other aided safety features like stalling (Locked rotor), Earth Fault, etc. Commander-M is a microprocessor based pump protection & pump management system, suitable for 2 pumps.

Liquid Level Controllers

Available for conductive liquid like Water and for non conductive liquids like Diesel, Oil etc. Level controllers for conductive liquids are supplied with or without stainless steel electrodes. Various models are available, for single level and two level control (WLCD1/P1LCW1) and two level & two tank control (P2LCW1). Level controllers for non conductive liquids are supplied with photo sensor and are suitable for one level (DLCD1+FRKP1) or (FRKP2 sensor with open collector output).

Alarm Annunciators

Complete range of Microprocessor Based Alarm Annunciators MICROWARN 9600, MBAS 9400, MBAS 9600, MBAS 9700 from 4 windows upto 96 windows in different size 45 x 45 mm (normal), 30 x 30 mm (small), 30 x 65 mm (big) & 50 x 70 mm (large) and colour (Red, Green, Amber/Yellow) are available. Replaceable windows sizes and availability of serial port (RS 232) output for computer connection. Highly suitable for process plants, Diesel Generator sets, Central control rooms, etc. Features : NO/NC Fault Site Selectable, ISA Standard Sequence Selectable, Supply Fail Indication, Repeat Relay for Parallel annunciation, 5 years warranty.

Voltage Scanners

The Voltage Scanners (VSC33 & VSC34) monitor, control & display the system voltage. The microprocessor based Voltage Scanner (F3VSR1 & F3VSR2) are powered to protect the connected 3-phase system loads against poor voltage supply conditions, which can cause damage. The user can have the power & convenience to view and monitor incoming 3-phase supply and disconnect the load if the supply becomes abnormal. Thus it can protect the connected load against poor quality power supply and give fault alarm indications. Models with optional RS 232 serial link are available. Powerful PC software empowers the user to store and diagnose historical data & record events with time stamping. Applicable in LT Power Distribution panels, Motor starter & PLC panels, Auto mains failure panels, Generator panels, Air/Gas compressor panels, Telephone & Mobile Exchanges, Incoming 3 phase, UPS, etc.

SCADA Systems

Minilec has developed system for Remote Monitoring and Control of various equipments used in building, factories or manufacturing plants. The scheme of Remote Monitoring SCADA System will consist of :

SCADA hardware - Signal Conditioning & Processing of Inputs Local LCD display module RS 485 port output Interface Converter RS 232 - RS 485 port and vice versa Dedicated Computer Terminals

Applications : Pump Automation & Remote Monitoring, HT/LT Substation, Remote Monitoring for Building Facilities Management, Status Monitoring & Intelligent Control of AC Plants, Power Houses, etc.

Electronic Motor Starter EMS-2000

This newly introduced Electronic Motor Starter (Soft Starter) is packed with unique features and is designed for stand alone applications from 5HP-60HP motor ratings. EMS-2000 has energy saving mode, it continuously monitors the motor load & automatically applies control output voltage to the motor so as to improve the power factor and the power consumed by the motor. In addition, current control, kick voltage, soft stop, etc. are useful features.

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